Urban Boot Camp Fitness

    UBC Stikeforce Martial Arts Academy

Our private facility provides a fitness journey that encourages

all fitness levels and ages to unleash their inner athlete.

We take pride in stepping outside of the box of conventional

fitness and away from the average commercial gym. We

consider ourselves to be a hybrid training facility that focuses

on providing our members the best of both worlds, functional

training and holistic healing. There are no fancy machines that

results in high membership fees or used as "park

benches" to chit chat on. There are no mirrors

or fancy audio/video equipment to distract you from training.

The only machine will be you, the human machine. Your

equipment will be barbells, bumper plates, and kettle bells

to name a few. Oh yeah, you and your own body weight. 

For the cardiovascular enthusiast, we offer treadmills,

ellipticals, and rowers, too.

     So, if you are ready to accept the challenge,

     then continue reading. Just remember to bring
     your "A" game because we are bringing ours!  Step
     right up and enjoy the ride, it's going to be a lot       
of sweat and hard work but the end result will be
     worth it.

     UBC wants to help you to achieve your fitness goals,  
     whether it be to lose weight, tone, increase core   
     strength, flexibility enhancement, protect
     yourself/family, or just feel good.

     We will support you in your fitness journey! 

     Urban Boot Camp can provide our members with a
     variety of classes and training options.

     So What are you waiting for?  Welcome to the UBC family !

              We Welcome All


          Fitness Levels

ARE YOU READY ? Get started today!!! CALL: 215 - 914-2FIT (2348)

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Your Fitness Journey 

Starts Here

 Where YOU Are Treated

Like Family

Exercise is Good for the
   Soul Brain


     A Little Sweat 
      A lot of fun!


Be Comfortable

In Your Own Skin

           Determination !



       Deneen provides excellent work adaptable to each
needs. She is consistently punctual for all              appointments, totally trustworthy, reliable, and
       consistent. I highly recommend
Deneen without
                                Dr Susan N

       Deneen is a master of her personal fitness training
She is energetic, motivating and always up to
       challenging you
to improve yourself!
                                                           Michelle I

         If I were looking for not only a fitness trainer,
       but a Martial
Arts instructor I would look no further
       then Deneen Raysor. I
have worked with Deneen for
       over six years. I have
witnessed first hand her
       training methods and her dedication
to helping her
       clients achieve their goals. She not only

       possesses the practical knowledge but has a solid
background as
well.                                                                                 Ron H

I have been attending UBC  for about a year and half now in order to build muscle and tone my body after a drastic weigh loss. My son told me the other day, "Mom I was always afraid of you before because you are my mom. Now I am afraid of you because you are my Mom and you are strong like Hulk!!" I can only thank UBC for that in turning my mush into muscle. I feel great and have so much more energy.. Their workouts are tough and you never know what you are going to get when you walk in the door. That is what makes it fun and exciting to go back for more. The staff and members are very friendly and we have all become family over the last year and half. There is never a day when you do not leave your sweat and stress on their floor!!                                                             

                                             Wendy N.


Jo Ann and Dee from Urban Boot Camp NE., has provided fitness training, guidance, and professional consulting for out-of-gym programs. UBC has provided the same professional instruction to family, friends, and colleagues in the Philadelphia Police Department. Jo Ann and Dee maintains their core values in cross fitness with creative ways to motivate their clientele. Additionally, the staff at UBC continue to apply high demands on their programs and fitness standards with a no-one-left behind mentality. They have a wonderful one-on-one relationship with each member and understand all work-out needs in mind when designing a program for you!                                                                            Joe S.


       So it was a rough day, thought I'd go blow off some
       steam at UBC and was told by a friend (who should
       remain nameless, LOL) that class was at 8:30    
       tonight instead of the usual 7:30. I show up at 8:30 
       and class is getting out but one of the trainers
       Jo Ann, wouldn't let me leave with out a work out,
       she stayed and gave me my own personal hour
       class! This my friends is the difference between
       your corporations and a ma and pop business! Thanks
       Jo Ann! Support the small business's and check this 
        place out.
Molly B

       Special Thanks to Dee and Jo Ann for the cross
I received in the last two months. I lost
       several inches throughout, dropped weight, and I
       feel a whole lot better overall. I am doing better
       in life and work as a result of your the programs
       that you guys have provided. So hopeful
       in the upcoming months I will continue to improve

              throughout and my Blood Work levels should be     
       better. Thank
You Both and Thank You to the
       other members who
attend UBC/MMA for their help
       and motivation 
as well.
                                              James- 41


       I have lost 50 pounds and 2 dress sizes in 8 months
Urban Boot Camp                              
Jamie - 26


      I have lost 50 pounds in one year with Urban Boot
I am now running marathons                     
Ceara - 25

      I have gone from 13 % body fat to 4.7 % body fat 
      because of Urban Boot Camp and MMA conditioning.
      It has
helped me in Jui--Jitsu          

Dom "The Bomb" - 19

       I have gone from 13 % body fat to 7 % body fat,
       the lowest i
t has been since high school because of
       Urban Boot Camp
and MMA conditioning.  It has
       helped me in Jui-Jitsu.
I am now preparing for Jiu
       Jitsu competitions                                                          
Paul P - 30

        I can fit into a bikini because of Urban Boot Camp. 
        I am
running marathons and have a Blue Belt in TKD
Carol - 62


       My grandson is more focused since training at UBC

Carol - 62


       I love the UBC Strikeforce- Inter-generational
       program has
brought my grandson and I closer     
Mary - 62

        I am wearing pants that I could not fit into for the
        past 2 years. I wear the same size as my Son! 
John- 57

       I am wearing pants that I could not fit into since
        high school over 10 years ago!

Benson- 23

        I lost 17 inches in less than 1 month at UBC                                             
Jim- 41

        I feel younger and feel better. I lost so many
        inches I need to buy new clothes.  
im- 57